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Hario Cold Brew Tea Maker

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Cold brewed tea is brewed slowly over time to extract the full flavour of the tea leaves, without the bitterness. Serve cold tea in a wine bottle like decanter on a warm summer day!

How to brew cold tea?


  • Place 5-7 tsp of your favourite loose tea leaves into the glass bottle
  • Fill the glass bottle with filtered water up to the top measurement marking which is 750ml
  • Place the removable bottle spout with the filter inside the glass bottle (leave the stopper unplugged)
  • Put the stopper into the spout and let the tea brew in the refrigerator for 3-6 hours
  • Unplug the spout and serve

Tip: Extraction time varies depending on the type of tea leaves you use. Adjust brewing time according to taste. Enjoy a richer flavour by brewing for about 6 hours.

Hario Cold Brew Filter in bottle Includes :

  • 1x Cold Brew Filter in Bottle Tea Maker
  • Full-bodied Flavour
  • Easy to Use
  • 750ml Capacity

has a rubber pour spout made of silicone and a filter made of polypropylene.